About Us

The music producer Tea 4 – 2 was founded with an idea: to give the music scene service.

This company , that is practically born today is not really born today; because , the moment of its conception is not very clear. It is lost in the fog of dreams.

And it is an honor and a privilege in turn, to live up to the land of dreams ; though sustainable only on the foundations of reality.

Tea 4 – 2. {Tea for two (or four, not so clear)}

The commerciality and simplicity of the name of the company evokes in some way the style of work , that is projected to reach. We want a duality that goes from the aesthetic to the experimental. In the same way we believe in what the independent or indie formula means, especially as far as the artist, author or musician is concerned.

And we believe in the sum of that independence; to the approaches, of excessive costs and therefore un-proportional gains – that have characterized in the postindustrial society the houses or companies of the so-called musical “industry”, or of the music.

Another duality we would like to achieve is that of excellence and that of a constant output of acoustic pressure. That is, productions carried to the extreme of their sonic possibilities, above all aesthetic, but also fertile and prolific. For which we know very well the effort in minutes, hours and days of hard work. Our challenge is to live up to the musical production and sound pressure of the artists who choose to work in this way.

We also have faith in the work done so far and the production pressure that this is already giving us.

Although the metaphor of an oil field may be controversial or exaggerated; we believe that our work, is to function as a refinery, and as the pipeline of production distribution. And we believe we are in a field that has been set aside, by some strange or mocking reason.
As is the case of creative self-interpreters and seekers of musical forms, a field that is ideal in the cultural climate, of this truly unique country; And that does not require the cult of personality, as it do requires to seed and feed ‘in the roots’ and ‘schools of aesthetics’ in musicality.