Felipe Souza

Felipe Souza

Legendary Mexican guitarist Felipe Souza is one of the most active and sought after session musicians in his country, with 25 years of experience in this field, making daily contributions to the music industries of Mexico, Latin America and the United States.

Felipe has toured and recorded with many of Mexico’s top artists and acts, also been involved in highly successful personal projects. He is also a very in-demand instructor and clinician, currently performing worldwide as guitarist-demonstrator for the legendary US guitar pedal brand Electro-Harmonix. (The New Sensor Corporation).

Studied guitar in Mexico City under:

  • Carlos Fuentes Davidson (t)– Guitarist, Top Producer, Best Friend (1978)
  • Pepe Mussell- Rock Guitarist Extraordinaire (1980)
  • Octavio Cervantes- Jazz Guitarist Extraordinaire, Session Ace (1980,1981)
  • Enrique Arrón – Rock, Jazz, Flamenco Guitar Legend, Session Ace, Arranger (1980,1981)
  • Franco Eti – Jazz Guitar Icon (1982)
  • César Cal- Rock, Jazz, Flamenco Guitar Legend, Session Ace, Arranger, Producer (1985)
  • Miguel Peña – Mexican Music-Jazz Fusion Icon- Session Legend (1985,1986)

Courses:    Berklee College of Music 7 Week Summer Course, where he studied Ear Training with Dave Bassinett, Arranging with Leslie Arbuckle, Jazz Harmony with Peter Gordon, Private Guitar instruction with Charles H. Chapman and Guitar Ensemble with Ken Taft.

Alumni of the Classical Composition Workshop held by Maestro Humberto Hernández Medrano (4 years).

Has been involved in the following personal projects:

  • Bla Bla Bla, A very famous duet with guitarist Mike Melgar, releasing the following albums:
    • Musica Mágica, (Polygram, 1987), – This album contains the hit single “ No Voy A Mover Un Dedo” (Yordano Di Marzo) which topped #1 on the Neilsen Charts for three consecutive weeks during 1988.
    • Cada Quien Con Su Cada Cual, (PolyGram, 1989)
    • Rock y Algo Más, (Polygram, 1990)
  • Paleta – Souza: Famed Violin/guitar duet with legendary violinist Zbigniew Paleta. Attended the famed Festival Internacional Cervantino (Guanjuato, Mexico) in 1996 and the Polish Film Festival in America (Chicago, IL 1998). They released the following album:
    • Zona Común (Independent, no label, 1997)
  • Los OG-3 – A trio with legendary guitarists José Luis Domínguez (Cecilia Toussaint, Abril, Nine Rain) and Lao Tex (Tex Tex) releasing the following album:
    • Los OG-3 (Independent, Producciones P&P, 2004)
  • SOUZA- His latest Project, as a solo artist, releasing the following album:
    • Souza-Blues Alzado Urgente (Independent, Producciones P&P, 2013)

Has performed live with:

  • Betsy Pecanins (1987- 1989, 1996-1999, 2006- present), also recording with her on the following albums:
  • Fuego Azul – Live at the Ollin Yoliztli Auditorium, Mexico City- (guitarist/arranger) (WEA 1988)
  • Esta Que Habita Mi Cuerpo- (guitarist/associate musical director/arranger) (Milan 1999)
  • Lara- (guitarist arranger) (Independent, JM Distribuidores, 2004)
  • Blues En el Alma- (guitarist), (Independent, JM Distribuidores, 2006)

Extensive touring with Betsy across the Mexican Republic, attending the Festival Internacional Cervantino (Guanajuato, Mexico) on three occasions (1988,1997,2000)

El Tri (band member, 1991-1994), recording with them on the following albums:

  • En Vivo Y A Todo Calor – Live At the Hollywood Palladium -(Guitarist) (WEA, 1991)
  • Indocumentado – (guitarist/ arranger) (WEA, 1992)
  • 25 Años- (guitarist/arranger/composer) (WEA 1993) –Certified Gold Album- Contains legendary hit and Rock Anthem “Pobre Soñador”, co-written by Alejandro Lora and Felipe Souza.
  • Una Rola Para Los Minusválidos- (guitarist/composer) (WEA 1994)- Certified Gold Album
  • Un Cuarto De Siglo- Live at the Mexico City Sports Palace (guitarist/arranger/musical director) (WEA, 1995)
  • Hoyos en el Bolsillo (guest guitarist) (WEA, 1996)

Also arranging for them on the following:

  • El Tri Sinfónico – Live at the Mexico City National Auditorium (WEA, 1999)- Certified Gold Album
  • El Tri Sinfónico II (WEA, 2001)

Extensive touring with El Tri across Mexico and the US on venues such as Roseland (NYC), Hollywood Palladium, Hollywood Palace, Chicago International Amphitheater and Los Angeles Sports Arena (guest artist, 2003) to name a few.

Guillermo Briseño (1996-present), recording with him on the following albums:

  • Quiero Ser Parte Del Cuento (guitarist) (Independent, I´m Sorry Records, 1998)
  • Verde, Blanco y Colorado (guitarist) (Independent, Fonarte Latino, 2001)
  • Sangre Azul Briseño Blues (guitarist) (Independent, Producciones PyP, 2003)

Performed with Briseño at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival (Denver, CO, 1997)

El Haragán y Companía (2009-present)

Has also performed, among many other acts, with

  • Eric Rubín (1995,1996)
  • Cristian Castro (1995,1996, touring Mexico, South America and the US)
  • Naftalina (1987-present) – Legendary Mexican underground cult band, has also recorded on four of their albums (independent).

Has done session work with electric and acoustic guitar for the following artists:

  • Federico Alvarez Del Toro
  • Mijares
  • Arjona
  • Denise De Kalaffe
  • Pepe Aguilar
  • Enrique Quezadas
  • Casandra
  • Iridian
  • Malecho
  • Wilfrido Vargas
  • Raúl Vale
  • Sr. González
  • Los Joao
  • Oki-Doki
  • Kelly Moore
  • Gabriela Martinelli
  • El Malecho
  • Pooch
  • Lazcano Malo
  • Reyli
  • Lila Downs
  • Tex Tex
  • Hebe Rosell

Among others…

Having worked with the following producers:

  • Lalo Toral
  • Gustavo Farías
  • Xavier Asali
  • Carlos Vértiz
  • Héctor Ruíz
  • Héctor Infanzón
  • Gus Andrews
  • Ricardo Martín
  • Luigi Lazareno
  • Jorge Avendaño
  • Poncho Toledo
  • Leonardo de Lozanne
  • Paco Navarrete
  • Gerardo Suárez
  • Nacho Rettally
  • Rodrigo Barberá
  • Pepe Stephens
  • Aneiro Taño

Among others…

Felipe Souza has done session work on countless jingles, featured on international T.V. commercials for companies like Coca Cola, Pepsi, Chrysler, Nissan, Ford, General Motors, AM/PM, Red Lobster, Foundation For A Better Life and Esso Oil to name a few.

Has played on the following movie soundtracks:

  • Hasta Morir (Till Death All The Way), 1994, Mexico
    • Directed by Fernando Sariñana
    • Distributed by Vanguard International Cinema
    • Original Music by Enrique Quezadas Luna
    • Nominated for the Silver Ariel Award (Mexico, 1995) to Best Original Score
    • Silver Ariel Award (Mexico, 1995) to Best Original Music Song- “Robando Luz al Sol” (Sariñana/Quezadas)
    • Movie Soundtrack Released by Lejos Del Paraíso
  • Cilantro y Perejil, (Recipes To Stay Together) 1995, Mexico
    • Directed by Rafael Montero
    • Distributed by WEA
    • Original Music by Enrique Quezadas Luna
    • Silver Ariel Award (Mexico, 1997) To Best Original Score)
    • Movie Soundtrack Released by Milan, BMG
  • Todo El Poder (Gimme the Power) 2003, Mexico
    • Directed By Fernando Sariñana
    • Distributed by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
    • Original Music By Enrique Quezadas Luna
  • Atlético San Pancho (Never Too Young to Dream), 2001, Mexico
    • Directed by Gustavo Loza
    • Distributed by Warner Home Video
    • Original Music By Enrique Quezadas Luna
  • Libre De Culpas  (Guilt Free) 1996, Mexico
    • Directed by Marcel Sisniega
    • Original Music by Zbigniew Paleta
    • Silver Ariel Award (Mexico, 1998) to Best Original Score
    • Silver Ariel Award (Mexico, 1998) to Best Original Music Theme
  • Ladies´ Night, 2003, Mexico
    • Directed by Gabriel Tagliavini
    • Released by Buena Vista International
    • Original Music by Juan Cristóbal Pérez Grobet
    • Movie Soundtrack Released by Sony
  • Al Otro Lado (On the Other Side), 2004, Mexico
    • Directed by Gustavo Loza
    • Distributed by Distribuidora de Entretenimiento de Cine SA. de C.V.
    • Original Music by Héctor Ruíz Quintanar
  • Imaginum, 2005, Mexico
    • Directed by Alberto Mar and Gustavo Sandoval
    • Distributed by Porchlight Entertainment
    • Original Music by Xavier Asali
  • La Dernière Incarnation, 2005, Canada
    • Directed by Demian Fuica
    • Distributed by K-O Films (Canada)
    • Original Music by Héctor Ruíz Quintanar
  • American Visa, 2005, Mexico/Bolivia
    • Directed by Juan Carlos Valdivia
    • Distributed by Paramount
    • Original Music by Pepe Stephens
    • Additional Original Music by Daniel Hidalgo
  • Los Pajarracos. 2006 Mexico
    • Directed by Héctor Hernández and Horacio Rivera
    • Distributed by Gussi Artecinema (Mexico)
    • Original Music by Eugenio Toussaint
  • Dios o Demonio (I love Miami), 2006, Mexico
    • Directed by Alejandro González Padilla
    • Distributed by Gussi Artecinema (Mexico)
    • Original Music by Héctor Ruíz Quintanar
  • Eros Una Vez María, 2006 Mexico
    • Directed by Jesús Magaña
    • Original Music by Héctor Ruíz Quintanar

Has Developed and given Guitar Clinics and Seminars for the following companies:

  • Casa Veerkamp, Distributor and Music Stores, Mexico D.F.
  • Casa Wagner Music Store, Mexico D.F.
  • DIM (Desarrollo Integral Musical) Music School, Mexico D.F.
  • Centro David Maguen, Jewish Community Cultural Center, Mexico D.F.
  • Sindicato Unico de Trabajadores de la Música (Mexican Natl. Musicians Union)
  • Uiversidad Iberoamericana Puebla

Has done trade show showcases as a guitarist demonstrator for the following companies:

  • Casa Veerkamp, various product lines,
  • Soundcheck Expo, Mexico City, Mexico 2006
  • Real de Los Reyes S.A de C.V. String Manufacturing Company.
  • NAMM 2002-Winter Session .2003 Summer Session
  • New Sensor Corporation,
    • Manufacturer of Electro-Harmonix and Sovtek Tubes brands:
  • National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) 2002-2008 both Winter and     Summer Sessions
  • Frankfurt Musik Messe, Frankfurt, Germany 2002-2009
  • World Music Conference Tradeshow (WMC) Miami, FL. 2006
  • Intermusic Tradeshow Valencia, Spain 2002
  • Music China Expo, Shanghai, China 2002-2007)
  • Beijing Audio Light and Music Expo (CALM), Beijing, China 2004-2008
  • Guangzhou Audio, Light and Media Expo (ALMEX) Guangzhou, China 2005
  • Incheon “Music Korea” Expo Korea 2005



  • Casa Veerkamp, Distributor and Music Stores (México)
  • Laney  – Laney Amplification (U.K.)
  • Jimmy Wess y La Valenciana strings  – Real De Los Reyes S.A de C.V.(México)
  • Ibanez Guitars- Hoshino Gakki Co, LTD. (Japan)
  • Rocktron- GHS Corporation (U.S.A.)
  • Patrick Eggle Guitars (U.K.)
  • George L´S – George L´S Musical Products (U.S.A.)
  • Cort Guitars (Korea)



Private guitar instructor (currently 30 students)

Has taught Classical Composing at the DIM (Desarollo Integral Musical), Mexico City and is currently teaching Guitar at the DEL ROCK A PALABRA Music School, Mexico City.